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Build Your Kid's Reading Proficiency With Famous Children's Books 

Good books can expand your child’s way of thinking and logical reasoning. Moreover, at the age of 10 years and above, fantasy adventures, science fiction and historical fiction are some choices your kid can explore.

Many children are turning towards pre-owned and gently-used children's books in a bid to own a wider collection of books for any specified budget.

Books such as Wonder by R.J. Polacio, Harry Potter and Percy Jackson books continue to be a favourite for this age group. It’s also a good idea to look for books that have culturally diverse settings and characters. You may also like to read graphic novels, where the plot moves quickly or non-fiction books that can help you discover facts about the world around you. You will find a wide range of gently-used/preowned children’s books in India.

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Peter Pan in Scarlet


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The Boy Who Harnessed the Wind

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