The Snow Queen

  • Paperback
  • Fiction


Author: Naomi Lewis

This is a classic translation of one of the world's best and most-loved fairy tales.

Kay is snatched from his home by the wicked Snow Queen. Gerda, his friend sets out to rescue him.
On her journey, she meets strangers to whom she narrates her tale. Each of them helps Gerda and she finally reaches the icy palace of the Snow Queen.
What happens then? Does she manage to set Kay free?
Read this wonderful book to find out.

The illustrations in the book are captivating and appealing.
You can buy this gently-used children's book, which is in excellent reading condition, right here!

Publisher: Walker Books
Language: English
ISBN-13: 978-1406346879
Condition:Excellent (small book)
Type : Pre-owned
Pages: 64 Pages
Age: 6-9 Years

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