My Best Book of Pirates

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  • Non-fiction


( Price: 130.00 )
Author: Barnaby Harward

It's time to climb aboard, raise the Jolly Roger and enter the world of pirates!

Notorious men and women rule the oceans for not just years, but centuries.

What images flash in your mind when we utter the names of Blackbeard, Madame Cheng or Captain Kidd?
Now, it's time to discover the true stories of these amazing swashbucklers.

The artwork in the book is stunning as it is captivating and depicts the lives and the famous raids of these notorious pirates.

Publisher: Kingfisher
Language: English
ISBN-13: 978-0753412749
Condition:Excellent (medium-sized book)
Type : Pre-owned
Pages: 32 Pages
Age: 6-9 Years

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