Clever Lollipop

  • Paperback
  • Fiction


Author: Dick King-Smith

Be ready to read Dick King-Smith's enchanting story of Lollipop, the intelligent pig, her royal family, and one extremely special teacher.

Princess Penelope cannot read. In fact, she is not sure she wants to learn to. But do take note that the new royal tutor, Collie Cob the Conjurer is a special teacher.
Whether he needs to work with a people such as Penelope and her friend Johnny or a pig like Lollipop, he can teach anyone, almost magically.

Read this amusing story of what happens next. The book is for kids who are able to read short chapters. The black-and-white illustrations are sure to attract reader attention.

Publisher: Walker Books
Language: English
ISBN-13: 978-1406340228
Type : Pre-owned
Pages: 140 Pages
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