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​6 Easy Tips to Build a Strong Reading Habit in Children

6 Easy Tips to Build a Strong Reading Habit in Children

It's a massive struggle to make your child read, especially, when you are not much of a reader. We, as mothers, are often faced with many excuses from kids before they pick up a book and start reading. Maybe at times, a storybook is agreeable, but not a textbook!

If you can identify with this scenario, you may like to read a few tips that can get your child self-motivated to read.

1. Establish a read-aloud routine: Every day, read at least a paragraph from a book to your child. Make it a routine. I understand it's really difficult to select a book which may interest you too , but there are a lot of options to choose from.

You will soon realize that in a short span of time, your child will select a book by herself/himself. At regular intervals, seek help from your child to read. With this, you give a chance to the child to actively participate in the read-aloud activity and thus build confidence.

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By Namitha T. 2 years ago 6206 Views 1 comment

Book review of 'Women in Science' - A Motivational Book for Kids and Children

Do you like motivational stories for kids?

This week, we bring to you 12-year old Avantika Swaroop's review of the interesting book 'Women in Science'. Let's see what she has to say about it...

The layout of the book ‘Women in Science’ and the colourful illustrations caught my attention and made me want to read this book. Even though I’m not particularly interested in science, reading about these women who shaped the world we live in today makes me want to bring about a change in our lives too.

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By Avantika Swaroop, 12 years old 3 years ago 1551 Views No comments

Book review - You, Me and Empathy (JayneenSanders)

This week, we review Jayneen Sanders’ book ‘You, Me and Empathy’, a book that can enable children to understand their own feelings and emotions and those of people around them too.

Let’s first to try understand the answer to this seemingly simple question. What is empathy? Empathy is the ability to recognize and understand another person’s feelings. Is it not the same as sympathy? Not at all. Although used interchangeably, empathy and sympathy are different feelings.

Empathy is a ‘shared feeling’, where you are able to place yourself in the other person’s shoes and by virtue of doing so, you experience a deeper emotion than sympathy. Now, would we not consider empathy to be a key skill in emotional intelligence? Most certainly, yes!

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By Divya Daswani 3 years ago 2275 Views No comments

Book Review of Dick King-Smith's 'Lady Lollipop'

Written by award-winning children’s book author Dick King-Smith (author of The Sheep Pig), this chapter book is a wonderful buy for kids aged 7 years and above. The short chapters make the book ideal for reluctant readers too and the accompanying line drawings in the book have a charm of their own.

She lived in a faraway land. She was obstinate and always had her way. Perhaps there would have been a more spoiled little princess than Penelope. Queen Ethelwynne, her mother, always gave in to her whims. But it was her father, King Theophilus, who indulged her the most.

With Penelope’s eighth birthday around the corner, the King and Queen are eager to buy her a present she will love. They mull over several options. Perhaps the little princess will be overjoyed to have a pony, or maybe a dog…or even a kitten? But Penelope does not want any of these. In fact, she wants a pig for her birthday! You read it right! A pig…

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When Should Kids be Reading ​'The Lion, The Witch and the Wardrobe' (Chronicles of Narnia)?

Most kids of 8-12 years have expressed interest in the Chronicles of Naria book series.

If you have been caught in the dilemma of wanting your kids to read the classics but fearing that the language may be a bit advanced/archaic or the book too long for them, which may put them off the classics forever, here is the solution! A wonderfully abridged and beautifully illustrated version of C. S. Lewis's celebrated 'The Lion, The Witch and the Wardrobe' or the first book (though that is hotly debated) in the Chronicles of Narnia series, published by Harper Collins Children's Books.

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By Urja Vishwanath Ketkar (The Book Chief) 4 years ago 4390 Views No comments

Why ‘The Wind In the Willows Treasury’ is One of the Best Books for Children

If you or your child likes animal stories, ‘The Wind In the Willows’ is a guaranteed hit. With fun adventures featuring the worldly-wise Rat, the simple Mole, the rough-and-ready Badger and of course, the irrepressible Toad, this classic children's book is sure to entertain. The four friends go on boat rides on the river and rambles in the woods, eat huge and delicious meals and stand up for each other in times of need.

This abridged edition has the seven main stories from the original book.

The pictures are absolutely stunning and they capture the personalities of the characters wonderfully, particularly the self-importance and crazy car-lust of the Toad. It is a true collector's edition! You can buy a copy of this gently-used children’s book here.

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By Urja Vishwanath Ketkar (The Book Chief) 4 years ago 1613 Views No comments

Does Your Kid Love Short Stories?

The Walker Treasury of First Stories is a good buy for children aged 0-3 years. If picture books and short stories appeal to you, this is one treasury you would not like to miss out on! Published by Walker Books, this thick book features 30 stories by acclaimed authors such as Martin Wadell, Jez Alborough, Nick Sharratt, Helen Oxenbury and Joyce Dunbar among others.

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Book review of Mog’s Christmas Calamity

Mog the cat is feeling happy…and hopeful. It’s Christmas the next day and Debbie has assured her that there will be lovely presents and an extra big egg for breakfast. A snug Mog drifts off to sleep by the fireplace. She dreams of a rather big egg up in the sky and how she flies up to get it. Suddenly, out of nowhere, big birds appear and they chase after the big egg. But wait! One of the birds wants to eat Mog and chases her!

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Book Review of ‘Three for Tea: Tasty Tales for You and Me’ for Middle-grade Readers

This is a very special book, for two reasons: first, because it has three lovely stories by three amazing writers; and second, because it is a rare book- no, you will not find it on Amazon or Flipkart or at Crossword! So gather round to know more about this book so you can quickly put dibs on it if you like it!

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